The History of Leith

January 23, 2014

The Laird of Pilrig

30 Agust 1638.—Ordained the Thesaurer to goe to the Laird of Pilrig and give to him ye silver cup yt was given to ye church be Wm. Balfour & to sie it wayed & according to ye worth yrof allow of so much of ye pryse of or silver Basens & cupes for or communone the qlk he hes made to or church & ordour ym to be ressairved be him.
(Note.—The Balfour here mentioned belonged probably to a family of merchants in Leith who gave the ground on which King James’ Hospital was built. The Laird of Pilrig was Gilbert Kirkwood, who in 1634 bought the estate from the family of Monypenny. He appears to have been a goldsmith, which was then a lucrative occupation, and in 1638 he built the present Pilrig House.)

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