The History of Leith

January 23, 2014

Episcopacy comes to an end in Scotland, 1639

28 Aprilie, 1639.—David Forbes did advise or congregaone to protest against Mr William Mortoune in respect yt he did desert his ministrie in this congregaone wtout license of ye presbetrie or his congregaone. Thairfor the sessione hes ordained the Reider of or church to reid ye said protestatione ye last saboth after noone qlk is this instant sabboth moderatoure was Mr Wm. Nairne.
(Note.—In 1638 the period of Episcopacy came to an end in Scotland, and a second reformation ensued, in which the Presbyterians soon got rid of Episcopal Ministers. Beyond the references here given the Minutes give no details of this change, which must have been accompanied with considerable distress. The Rev. William Morton, second minister, disappeared in January 1639, and the Rev. William Wishart, first minister, was deposed in June 1639. Vide Minutes supra 6th May 1630 and 1st March 1631.)

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