The History of Leith

December 4, 2013

Doomed to wander

13th March 1656. — It is unanimuslie condescended and concluded that our petitione sould be sent up to England to the Lord Protector concerning our Kirk that it would please his Heighness to cause restor it to us agan that wee may convein in it for ye worship of God, seing we have no place to meitt in but in ye open fields.

Also to writ to Collonel Fenwick governour of Leith qo for the pnt is at Londone that his honour would be assistant yrunto.
(Note.—These Minutes show the forlorn lot of the congregation doomed to wander (because of support of the monarchy) in the wilderness all these months. The services were, we may suppose, held none the less regularly, the people gathering round the Giant’s Brae, on which the minister stood to preach. Even so the services were subject to surveillance by the evangelical troops of the Protector.)

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