The History of Leith

November 25, 2013

The Rev. Thomas Scott

21st July 1790.—The Session being con-veened and constituted by prayer by the Reverend Mr William Simpson one of the Ministers of Edinburgh who had been desired by Mr John Hadaway, Kirk Treasurer to moderate at this meeting in absence of Mr Robert Dickson, The Session taking into their consideration the vacancy of the first Charge in the Ministry of this Parish occasioned by the death of their late worthy Pastor The Reverend Mr Thos. Scott, moved that some of their number be appointed to concur with those concerned in a humble application to His Majesty, the patron of the foresaid first Charge that he would be graciously pleased to grant his Royal Presentation to the Reverend Mr Robert Dick-son present minister of the Second charge for supplying the foresaid vacancy which Motion being considered by the Session they unanimously approved of the same.
(Note.—The tombstone of the Rev. Thomas Scott stands in the churchyard, a little to the east of the Pilrig ground. It is said that Mr Scott met his death by the collapse of the Grand Stand at the Leith races. He married Miss Nelly Balfour, cousin of the Laird of Pilrig, and had his manse in Eiddle’s Close, now Market Street.)

source-South Leith Records

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