The History of Leith

November 25, 2013

Reference to the romantic visit of Prince Charlie in 1745

7th November 1745.—It is .to be observed that Publick Worship having been interrupted Sabbath forenoon the 15th September by the alarum of the near approach of the Highland Army under the Pretender’s Son and the said Army having on the Tuesday morning thereafter. the 17th, got possession of the City of Edinburgh and had the command thereof and the country about from that time until their removal on Thursday, 31st October, during which time there was no Publick Worship nor Sessions kept in the City of Edinburgh, Canongate, South Leith and North Leith Sabbath days or week-days.
The Celebration of the Sacrament having been stopt by reason of the Rebellion as has been showen continues that affair under consideration till it be seen what further turn affairs do take.
(Note.—This is only reference to the romantic visit of Prince Charlie in 1745. It does not appear that the Highlanders interfered with South Leith Church, but they occupied the Tolbooth of Leith for a time.)

source-South Leith Records

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