The History of Leith

November 25, 2013

Most outrageous and indecent manner

I9th August 1742.—This day the Session had laid before them the following information :—
The information of James Rannie, Deacon, and James Biggar, Boxmaster to the Incorporation of Coopers in South Leith, John Wilson Deacon and Henry Brocket deacon of the Masons for the Incorporation of Wrights and Masons, Humbly sheweth that last Lord’s Day the l5th of this instant month of August a little before 10 of the clock William Simson Sclater with others his accomplices who had been drinking and caballing in his house that morning came into the Church as the other inhabitants were assembling for divine worship and casting ofi all Fear of God and regard to His Holy Day or House in a most outrageous and indecent manner and to the great disturbance of those who were assembled leaped over the heads of the seats until they got to the doors of the High Seat belonging to the Incorporation of Coopers Wrights and Fleshers and there forceably made open the doors and broke off the locks and so entered the seat. As such a profanation of the Lord’s Day is highly criminal and offensive, we thought it our duty to lay this before you that he may be proceeded against according to the merit of his crime and as to your wisdom should seern meet. The Session appoints the said William Simson to be cited to the next diet.

source-South Leith Records

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