The History of Leith

November 20, 2013

The key keeper

21 April 1701.—Compeared Robert New-lands, Alexander Gray, John Rutherfoord and James Calder, Key Keepers in ye Church and were exorted to be civill and discreet to strangers and to wait upon yr seats to let people yt are to communicate out and in without lousing yr seats.
Appoints ye Moderator and Alexander Craufioord to speak to ye Lievetennent Collonell and ye Major and to tell them yt they cannot expect a Loft to be allowed to ye souldiers on the Communion Sabath and also to desyre the officers to provid seats for themselves.
(Note.—As part of the preparations for the Communion the key keepers were cited to appear before the Session and exhorted to be civil and discreet. It was part of their duty to guard the sittings of their employers and as the demand for accommodation was very great, disputes among them were not uncommon. This citation continued to be made down to the end of the century, but in time it became a mere formality, the later Minutes bearing that the key keepers were cited but none appeared.)

source-South Leith Records

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