The History of Leith

November 20, 2013

Leith Mills

19 December 1700.-Alexander Crauffoord represented to ye Session that ye.Master of Balmirino’s Chamberland alleaged that the Brewery possessed be him was thirled to Leith Mills & that he had tabled the same before the Barrony Court. The Session finding that ye said Brlwery is possessed be the^said Alexande Crauffoord and also ye households of St. Antons and that they never knew ye said Brewery or house to be thirled to any Milne but ye possessors yrof were att liberty to grind at any M ne they pleased, appoints ye Clerk to glve Alexander Crauffoord ane extract hereof.
(Note -Leith Mills stood at the bottom of what is now Ballantyne Boad, and in olden days they were reached by Mill Lane. The Balmenno family sold them to Edinburgh Corporation in 1722 They were evidently the Mills of the Barony of Restalng to which the Snanl of the estate were thirled, that is, bound to bring all their grain to be ground.)

Source-South Leith Records

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