The History of Leith

October 22, 2013

The Mark

lth Novembris 1609. —The qlk day Abrahame Wauchope producit the boxe qrin (i.e., wherein) the wrytes ar belonging to the Sessioune & Kirk of Leyth qlk boxe togither wt the saids wrytes therein conteinit wes delyvrit to Gilbert Lambe be pluralitie of votes of the Sessioune for ane zeir to cum.
The Sessioune names thir persones to be keipers of the keyes of the said boxe Johne Mathesone James Liddell frances Wades Hew Lyall, ane key was delyvered to everie ane of thame.
The said day Abrahame Wauchope delyvered thir obligatiounes to Gilbert Lamb before the Sessioune qrin the persones following as principall debtors wer bund

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