The History of Leith

October 22, 2013

David Lindsay Secundas

ZQth Julij 1609.—Wpon the qlk day Mr David Lyndsay zunger (sumetyme Minister at St. Andrewes & thairefter at forgowne) wes admitted to be Minister at the South Kirke of Leyth be Mr James Law Bishop of Orkney (quha wes directed be the Comissioners of the Generall Assemblie to that effect) The qlk Ministrie the said Mr David Lyndsay accepted & wes received be ane certane number of the elders quha wer before nominat in the Sessione for that purpose.
Wryttin by me Mr William Strang, Reader and clerke to the Sessioune sen the first day of November in the zeir of god 1606.
(JVoie.—This David Lindsay occupied the second charge until 1613 when he was transferred to the first charge upon the death of his father, the famous David Lindsay, first Protestant minister of South Leith.)

source-Record of the Session,South Leith

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