The History of Leith

October 18, 2013

Tryall maid for ye witches marks

21 December 1649.—It was reportit yt it is ye Judgment of ye reverend brethren of ye presbyterie yat Jonet Bennet who is suspect of witchcraft sould be sighted and tryall maid for ye witches marks.
(Note.—Compare Minute 14 March 1644 supra, and the article on witchcraft which appeared in the May number of the Church Magazine. Witches were believed to bear the devil’s marks on their bodies, for upon receiving the vow of fidelity the devil handed to each witch a piece of money, and put his mark upon her. For the discovery of the mark the Session had recourse to the “pricker” or “witchfinder,” who stripped the victim and thrust his needles into suspected parts until he located the mark. The statement of the “pricker” that he had found the devil’s mark was held to be conclusive evidence against the party accused.)

Source-Record of the Session South Leith

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