The History of Leith

August 14, 2013

Broadside entitled ‘Execution’

This crime report begins: ‘Full, Authentic, and Particular Account of the Execution of PETER HAEMAN and FRANCOIS GAUTIEZ, who were Hanged within Flood-mark, at Leith, on Wednesday the 9th of January, 1822, for the Piratical seizure of the Schooner Jane of Gibraltar, on her voyage to the Brazils, and for the Barbarous Murder of Thomas Johnston, master, and James Paterson, seaman .’.. The other report begins: ‘Execution of Peter Heaman and Francois Gautiez for piracy and murder.’ Neither of these two sheet have dates printed attached to them, but the right slip has ‘January 9 1822’ scrawled across it, whilst the left slip still has the price, one penny, attached. for more click here

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