The History of Leith

May 18, 2013

Fixed seats

17 of October 1644.—Also ye said 21 of October 1644 Intimation was maid that no servants in all tyme coming should make ony tumult or sture in ye church upo ye Lords day at ye morning prayers qn they bring yr maistresses chyres (i.e., chairs) to ye Church under ye paine of censour.
(Note.—The minutes show that fixed seats in the church were becoming more numerous at this time. Besides these, servants brought in stools or creepies for ladies to sit on, and unseemly squabbles were frequent as they maneuvered to get favorite positions. These were not necessarily the places from which the minister could best be seen and heard, for ladies exchanged courtesies and gossiped with their neighbours in the church even in the saintly days of the persecution.)

Source-South Leith Records

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