The History of Leith

May 7, 2013

The Fortress of Edinburgh

From sources that can scarcely be doubted, a
fortress of some kind upon the rock would seem to j
have been occupied by the Picts, from whom it |
was captured in 45 2 by the Saxons of Northum-1
bria under Octa and Ebusa; and from that time j
down to the reign of Malcolm II. its history I
exhibits but a constant struggle for its possession
between them and the Picts, each being victorious
in turn; and Edwin, one of these Northumbrian
invaders, is said to have rebuilt it in 626. Territories
seemed so easily overrun in those times, that
the latter, with the Scots, in the year 638, under
the reign of Valentinian I., penetrated as far as
London, but were repulsed by Theodosius, father
of the Emperor of the same name. This is the
Edwin whose pagan high-priest Coifi was converted
to Christianity by Paulinus, in 627, and who, ac- j
cording to Bede, destroyed the heathen temples j
and altars. A curious and very old tradition still’
exists .in Midlothian, that the stones used in the
construction of the castle were taken from a quarry
near Craigmillar, the Craig-motlard of antiquity

source-Old and New Edinbugh

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