The History of Leith

May 7, 2013

Octa of Kent

Octa (or Octha) (c. 500 – 543) was an Anglo-Saxon King of Kent during the 6th century. Sources disagree on his relationship to the other kings in his line; he may have been the son of Hengist or Oisc, and may have been the father of Oisc or Eormenric. The dates of his reign are unclear, but he may have ruled from 512 to 534 or from 516 to 540. Most likely the former of the to according to William of Malmesbury information about Orric’s reign in Book I.8 of Gesta Regum Anglorum. Despite his shadowy recorded history Octa made an impact on the Britons, who describe his deeds in several sources. for more click here

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