The History of Leith

May 7, 2013

A Great Reply

Mr. M Jonah, NV
May 06, 19:24
# 8
In a free society anyone can question Israel’s right to exist as a nation-state. It is the answer that is important. The only valid answer in a world governed by law is a legal answer. The legal answer is based on history, law, ethics, and morality. To that the answer is that Israel has a historic, legal, ethical, and moral right to be acknowledged as a nation sate and the biblical historic home of the people of Jewish faith. For those who believe that there was a Palestinian Kingdom, republic, caliphate, or state kindly google it and see if there is, prior to 1967, any history of a Palestinian government, kingdom, or state. States have history, government, currency, postage stamps, laws, etc. Show me and I will become a believer. Until then……..I stand with Israel

I also stand with Israel

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