The History of Leith

April 23, 2013

When will they ever learn?

What is truly shocking about this story is once again it shows in what contempt Leith is held and it is a attitude that has existed since the time of Robert the Bruce from whom Edinburgh got the Shore. Even Cromwell’s General Monck said “he had never seen a town so enslaved to another”. The only interest Edinburgh has had in Leith over the centuries was trade and making money and that attitude has never changed over several hundred years.

When the High Street was refurbished a few years ago over three million pounds was spent modernising the insides of the buildings while keeping the historical frontage. Leith got a bulldozer first of all in the 1880’s (under the Leith Council) and again in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s a large part of leith was demolished along with many ancient streets and historic buildings. Today the Kirkgate once full of shops and people is dead, Tourists in search of history in Leith (apart from Trinity House and South Leith Church) will be disappointed. Historic building once removed are gone for good, they cannot be recreated.

With Leith losing or lost many industries over the past few years our future now lies in Tourism. So where is the forward planning for this, where is the investment, Leith Links is the home of Golf (not Saint Andrews) what has Edinburgh done about this, nothing!! . However as far as Edinburgh is concerned Tourism is the High St and Princes Street. The lack of imagination in the Edinburgh Council in respect of Leith is a utter disgrace and shameful because they have never learnt the lessons of the past. They don’t even know that the Fort Area is a prime archaeological site which they wish to destroy for houses that will be demolished in thirty years time. Short sighted and mad. When will they ever learn? for more click here

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