The History of Leith

April 23, 2013

The citadel

“At Leith we saw one of those citadels built by the Protector, one of the best fortifications that ever we beheld, passing fair and sumptuous. There are three forts advanced above the rest, and two [gun] platforms; the works round about are faced with freestone towards the ditch and are almost as high as the highest building within; and withal thick and substantial. Below are pleasant, convenient and well-built houses for the governor, officers and soldiers, and for magazines and stores; there is also a capacious chapel, the piazza or void space within is as large as Trinity College in Cambridge great court. The building cost £100,000 stg.*, indeed I do not see how it could cost less. In England it would have cost more.” — John Ray, English naturalist, 1661

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