The History of Leith

April 14, 2013

Counter petition

You may already have heard about this – but to ask you to consider supporting
the counter petition to press for the continuance of religious observance.

This was passed on to me: You may have heard there is a petition on the
Edinburgh council site sponsored by the secular society to have a debate in
the council to remove any religious observance from schools. This had a
lot of press coverage and is gaining support. If it did get debated it
would create some major changes in our schools which would have a
city-wide impact. Someone has put in a counter petition and it would be
very poor showing if it looked like no one wanted to support any religious
observance at all. We realise it’s not a straight forward argument, there
are some Christians who might think bad assemblies are worse than none!

At the time of sending this the secularist motion has 960 signatures and
the counter proposal has 642. You may wish to sign and/or circulate. The
petition is here:

for more click here

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