The History of Leith

March 24, 2013

Four Maries

The keys of St. Anthony’s Port were delivered to
Mary, who was accompanied by her three uncles—•
Claude of Lorraine, Due d’Aumale, who was killed
at the siege of Rochelle thirteen years after; Francis,
Grand Prior of Malta, general of the galleys of
France, who died of fatigue after the battle of
Dreux; and Rene, Marquis d’Elbceuff, who succeeded
Francis as general of the galleys. She was attended
also by her ” four Maries,” whose names, as given by
Bishop Leslie, were Fleming, Beaton, Livingstone,
and Seaton, who had been all along with her in
France. Buchanan in 1565 mentions five Maries,
and the treasurer’s account at the same date mentions
six, including two whose names were Simparten
and Wardlaw.

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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