The History of Leith

March 3, 2013

Records of Leith, Saint Thomas’ Kirk Session

The church of Leith St Thomas’ was disjoined from South Leith and erected as a parish quoad sacra by the General Assembly on the 27th May 1839. The church was built in 1840, opened in the following year, and the parish was later given legal status by the Court of Teinds in 1947. Sir John Gladstone of Fasque, Bart., provided an endowment to St Thomas’, ‘as a manifestation of his attachment to the place of his birth’. The church in fact was built on the site of the house in which he was born. In 1975 Leith St Thomas’ united with Leith Junction road, under the name of Leith St Thomas’- Junction Road and the former Leith St Thomas’ parish church was sold to a Sikh temple in 1976. The kirk session sat within the Presbytery of Edinburgh throughout its existence. for more click here

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