The History of Leith

March 3, 2013

Leith: St John’s Kirk Session

Leith: St John’s Kirk Session, which sat within the Presbytery of Edinburgh, opened as a Chapel of Ease in the parish of South Leith on the 12th December 1773. It was declared a parish quoad sacra by Act of Assembly 31st May 1834. After the disruption in 1843 the church was held and used by the Free Church as Leith St John’s Free, the Civil Courts however in 1868 declared that it belonged to the Church of Scotland and the congregation moved out and built a church in Charlotte Street. Leith St Johns was again given quoad sacra status by the court of teinds in 1869. In 1929 Leith St John QS became known as Leith St John East and Leith St Johns UF as Leith St John West. The two charges were later united in 1954 by decision of Special Commission of General Assembly 1 December. Two years later, again as a result of the report of a Special Commission of the General Assembly (1955) St John’s Oxgangs congregation was formed in 1956 by the transportation of Leith St Johns. Leith St Johns church was closed on 30th September 1956 and later sold.


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