The History of Leith

February 26, 2013

The Grammar School

August 1792. — The Session being convened
and constituted, Mr Macknight, Moderator,
the Moderator requested that complaints
having been long made of the present Grammar
School house being damp, confined and otherwise
unhealthy for the Boys, Several of the
respectable inhabitants of Leith had resolved to
make an application to the Town Council of
Edinr. for ground to erect u new and well aired
Schoolhouse and that as this application was intended
to be made in the name of all the public
bodies in Leith the Gentlemen concerned requested
the concurrance of the Kirk Session as
a public Body principally interested in the
business. The Session having considered this
request unanimously agreed to comply with it
and Did and hereby Do authorise their Moderator
in their name and behoof to join in the
above application to the Town Council under
this express provision that the intended plan
shall in no wise injure their Rights as Patrons of
the Grammar School of Leith.
(Note. — The Grammar School continued to meet
in the old building at the churchyard until the year
1806 when it was transferred to the Links to become
the Leith High School, now the Leith Academy.)

Source-South Leith Records

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