The History of Leith

February 20, 2013

The baptismal basin

8 Octor. 1647.—Our Bailies James Eilies
and David Wilkie giftit to our Kirk Sessione
yis day ane silver Laver for the use of ye Kirk
of South Leith.
Ordains that ye silver wajke, viz.:—The
two great bassins, the four great coups and yis
laver be dely vered to Jhone bowie pnt thesaurer
as also ye lining clothes yat appertains to ye
(Note.—This handsome Laver or Basin made of
hammered Silver is the baptismal basin of the Church,
and continues to be in constant use. The rim, which
is flat, bears this inscription—”Gifted to the South
Kirk of Leith by James Rucheid and James Biles and
David Vilkie Bailies 1647.”)

source-The South Leith Records

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