The History of Leith

February 20, 2013

Loose book-keeping

30 Now. 1647.—-Forsameikle as heirtofor
ye hospital compts (i.e., accounts) haith been
wryttin in pieces of paper and not in a compt
booke Therefor it was ordained yis day that yr
be two bookes bought to insert and registrat ye
said compts yrin adfuturam rei memoriam qrof
ane to be keepit be ye maisters of ye hospital
and ye uyr to be keepit be ye sessione and yr
succeiding clercks to wryt ye same.
(Note.—The Masters of the Hospital have often
been charged with loose book-keeping. In addition
to the fault here referred to it is said that the endowments
of the Hospital were gradually alienated by the
Session to members of their own body. It is certainly
the case that although the Hospital owns large tracts
of land in the town, covered with valuable buildings,
the feu-duties received from these are merely nominal.
A more enlightened administration would have made
of King James’ Hospital a wealthy institution similar
to the Heriot Trust or the Trinity Hospital in Edinburgh.
About this time the Hospital was appropriated
for the reception of aged women.)

Source-South Leith Records

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