The History of Leith

February 17, 2013

The “guidman” of Coatfield

24 of July 1612.—The Sessioune vpoun ye
honest requeist of ye guidma of Coatfeild of
ane buriall place to his wyf, hes granted him
libertie to bige ane tombe ye breid of four kists
of ye wall, and not to be ane proper place to
any wther but only to be ane heritable buriall
place to him and his prosteritie in all tyme
cominge and gives to ye poore the soume of …
(Note.—The “guidman” of Coatfield was Andrew
Logan, a branch of the Logans of Restalrig. His
family had been lairds of Coatfield since 1470, in
which year Patrick Logan of Coatfield was Baillie of

source-South Leith records

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