The History of Leith

February 13, 2013

The presbyterians

14 Janry. 1692.—Reported by some of
the session that the baillies had ye last thursday
appoynted ye officers to attend ye session when
Appoints ye clerk to buy three books in
folio one for ye sessions acts and another for
ye accompts and ye third for the mariages and
baptismes and to buy a box to stand on ye
session table for collecting ye mulcts.
Appoints ane elder and deacon by course
to goe through the toun each Sabath day in
tyme of sermon forenoon and afternoon and to
observe who are on ye streets or otherwayes
prophaine ye sabath by drinking or oyrways
and to call ye officers to goe along with them.
And the session finding that those of ye
Sand quarter had yr turne the last Sabath
appoints Alexander Mathisone and James
Meldrum to goe through this following Sabath
in ye forenoon and Patrick Glass and William
Baird afternoon and so ye rest in order.
(Note.—The presbyterians being now restored to
power much zeal was displayed in the various phases
of church work, particularly in discipline. The
functions of the searchers were made more definite,
and the minutes contain numerous cases of microscopic
offences and innocent vices.)

source-South Leith Records

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