The History of Leith

February 13, 2013

Sir James Stewart

June 16, 1692.—Appoints Robert Douglas
. . . to consult James Stuart and Mr Hew
Dalrymple Advocats anent ye affair of ye
session touching ye uttencils and appurtinancies
of ye church and yt the thesaurer defray ye
charges and also appoints them to prosecute
everything necessary in that affair.
(Note. —This was no doubt Sir James Stewart of
Goodtrees (now Moredun) near Gilmerton, who was at
the time Dean of the Faculty of Advocates. He lived
in Advocate’s Close, which was so named from him
after his appointment to be Lord Advocate in 1695.
Sir Hew Dalrymple was a son of Viscount Stair. He
became Dean of the Faculty in succession to Sir James
Stewart, and in 1698 was made President of the Court
of Session. He was one of the commissioners appointed
to arrange the Articles of the Union of which
he was a great supporter. Another well-known
advocate employed by the session was Sir Francis
Grant, and a minute of 2 December 1708 instructs the
treasurer to ” compliment him with a half-dozen carts
of coal.”)

source-South Leith Records

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