The History of Leith

February 13, 2013

Mr William Wishart

January 12, 1688.—The whilk day according
to the appoyntment of the ministers att
Edr. (none compeiring befor them upon the
fyfth of January as was requyred to object any
thing against it) Mr Hugh Kennedy minister
at Edr. preached and with many other presbyterian
ministers Did ordain by imposition of
hands and admitt Mr William Wishart younger
publickly in our meiting house to be our
(Note.—In the long list of eminent ministers who
have served in South Leith, Mr David Lindsay is by
common consent assigned the first place, and this
Mr Wishart is, we believe, entitled to the second
place. His father had been minister of Kinniel. He
himself took his degree in Edinburgh University in
1680. In 1684 he was imprisoned on a charge of
denying the King’s authority, and after a long confinement
he was set free by the Privy Council on giving
caution to compear when called. Although now he
became minister only to a gathered congregation, his
appointment was later on confirmed by the Parish and
the Presbytery. He was translated to the Troii
Church in 1707, and subsequently became Principal of
the College of Edinburgh. He was also Moderator of
the General Assembly on five occasions. His portrait
hangs in the Assembly Hall.)

source-South Leith Records

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