The History of Leith

February 2, 2013

Cases of discipline

19 September 1700.—Eeported be the Clerk
yt Giels Hayfield was put in ye Jogs on Tuesday
last, and that the Magistrates had banished her
out of Leith and Edinburgh and ye privileges
yrof and never to be seen yrin under ye pain of
being burnt on ye cheek and otherways punished
as ye Magistrates shall think fitt.
(Note.—About this time the Register is largely
taken up with cases of discipline, the Minister and
Session acting as a tribunal for the trial of a great
variety of offences. If the accused party hesitated to
plead he was ” earnestly exhorted and seriously entreated
to give glory to God in a full and free confession
of guilt.” Where an accusation was denied witnesses
were examined these being ” sworn and purged of
malice and partial counsell” and exhorted by the
Minister to be ” ingenuous.” Their statements were
written down at length by the Session Clerk (John
Selkrig) and signed by them or, if they could not write,
by the Session Clerk or the Minister on their behalf.
The fines imposed by the Magistrates were handed over
to the Kirk Treasurer.)

source-South Leith Records

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