The History of Leith

February 2, 2013

Captain Kendall

5 Feby. 1702.—Appoints the Bayllie of St.
Antone and ye Thessaurer to speak to the maltmen
to desyre them to bear ye equall half in
repairing and maintaining ye wester Gavell
window of the church, other ways the Session
will be necessitat to close it up.
Appoints the Moderator and the thessaurer
to speak to Captain Kendall anent repairing of
the easter gavell window of ye church.
(Note.—Captain Kendall was at this time Master
of the Trinity House, a position which his father had
also held. Before the reconstruction of the Church in
1847 there was a stone monument in the north wall,
near to the west end, to James Kendall, Skipper in
Leith, who died in 1674. Another member of this
family was Mrs Kendall who kept a fashionable tavern
or coffee-house in Leith much frequented by the gentry
who came here to play at golf, to attend the races, or
to cross the Eorth by the ferry to Burntisland and

source-South Leith Records

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