The History of Leith

January 21, 2013

The Schoolmaster-1659

24 May 1659.—The whilk day Mr Robt.
Pow schoolmr of ye grammer school petitioned
the Session that it would please yr wisdoms to
augment his stipend and to have 200 merks
yeirlie during his abod as schoolmr (qras for ye
present he haith but 100 Ibs. Scots.) and also
to a doctor (being a qualified man) 100 merks
Scots yearlie in stipend to sustain him in bed
and board and so no to go throw with ye bairns
per vices to denner and supper and the first
tearms payment of both to be at Mertimas next.
The sessione unanimuslie did condescend
they attending dilligentlie and painfull in
educatting the children committed to their
(Note.—200 merks, or about £11 sterling, was the
maximum salary authorised by Act of Parliament.
Besides his salary the schoolmaster got fees from the
pupils for the various subjects taught. Vide Minutes
of 8th October 1629 and 19th October 1655, supra.
The custom of the teacher being boarded by the
parents of the scholars in turn was more common in
the country than in the town.)

source-The South Leith Records

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