The History of Leith

January 3, 2013

The years of the Commonwealth

DURING the years of the Commonwealth and the Protectorate,
Leith was the headquarters of Cromwell’s
soldiers in Scotland. East and West Cromwell Streets
in North Leith remind us to-day of this long occupation
of the town by the English troops, who, Puritans
though they were, and therefore associated in our minds
with all that is grave and even sour-faced, were not indifferent
to the charms and virtues of Leith maids.
South Leith Church records and the Mercurius Politicus,
the newspaper Cromwell’s men issued from the Citadel,
and the first to be printed in Scotland, show that many
of them married and settled in the town. Their skill
and industry, added to the enterprise and capital of
English merchants who had been encouraged to start
business in the town, did much to promote the glass
and linen trades established in the Citadel after the

source=The Story of Leith

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