The History of Leith

December 19, 2012

Pious donors

Now, after reading about those various chantry
chapels and their pious donors, we need not lament
that the founders of this once great and still beautiful
Lady Kirk of Leith are unknown to us. They are well
known to all of us, not as individuals, save a few exceptions,
but in the inass, for they were the people of Leith
themselves, chiefly through their trade guilds, which, like
that of the cordwainers or shoemakers, had each its
altar and chapel in the church. As we have learned
before, the promoting and maintaining of religious
services at the altars of their patron saints would seem
to have been one of the chief purposes of these old guilds.
Sir John Logan, in accordance with the family tradition
of loyalty and devotion to the Church, must have
given the site and the churchyard, and his uncle of the
Sheriff Brae and his cousins of Coatfield would lend a
helping hand. The parson of the Church of Restalrig,
without whose sanction no daughter church could have
been founded in the parish, gave his blessing and his
prayers. Indeed all, rich and poor alike, shared enthusiastically
in the work, for it was to bring the benefits
of religion to their very doors. The sound of its bell, as
it rang out for the various daily services, would be for
them, as some one has said, a sweet and holy melody,
for it would enable those within reach of its sound to
join in spirit in the act of worship being offered in God’s

source-The Story of Leith

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