The History of Leith

December 15, 2012

The Rev. William Wishart

The sixt of May 1630.—Mr Johne Maxwell
accompanied wt Mr Andrew Ramsay Mr
Wm. Struthers Mr David Mitchell the said Mr
Johne haveing preached & haveing commissioune
frome ye Bishope of Sanctandreis ye
presentatione & collatione being read formallie
proceided in receaving Mr William Wishert to
be minister of Leith & parsone of restelrig & ye
Mr William alsoe wes hairtile accepted be ye
heall honest men of ye parishe & took instrumets
thereof in ye hands of Rot grinlay notar.
(Note.—The Rev. William Wishart, A.M., was
first minister from this date until June 1639. We are
told he was a malicious railer against the Covenanters,
and that at the latter date he was deposed for erroneous
doctrine and banished. This would be due
to the fact that the period of Episcopacy in the
Church ended in 1638. It should be noted that
just as there were two ministers of the name of David
Lindsay, so also there were two of the name of
William Wishart, and of these the latter came to
the meeting-house in 1687. He was an outstanding
character, as will appear from later minutes.)

source-The records of South Leith

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