The History of Leith

December 15, 2012

The officials of the incorporations

17 Januarii 1630.—At ye Kirk of Leith ye
17 of Januarii 1630 zeirs the qlk day the Bishop
of Sanctandreis being accompanied wt thrie of
ye ministers of Edr ye nichbours being all
present ye Archbishop hes ordained sexe of ye
speciall honest men chossine be yemselfs to
come on twisday nixt to Alexr. hameltounes
howse and they sexe wt consent of ye Bishope
to nominat ye sessioners and ye sex men to be
chossine presentlie be all ye nichtbours.
(Note.—The word ” neighbours” appears to mean
the officials of the incorporations.)

source-The Records of South Leith

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