The History of Leith

December 15, 2012

Episcopacy at South Leith

ISth Januarii 1630.—My Lord Sanctandreis
& thrie of ye ministers of Edr being all
present conveined for ye caus abone writtene
for chussing ye sessioun have concludit yt ye
number of sessioune salbe 21. They have
nominat for elders in ye sands quarter . . . for
ye hill . . . for the Kirkgait . . . for ye lees
. . . for Restalrig . . .
Ordained intimatione to be maid on
Thurisday nixt to ye people of ye number
chossine to be sessioners yat gif that ony can
object any caus quhy these may not be admittit
to declare betwixt and ye Lords dat nixt the
qlk day they are to be suorne & admitted.
(Note.—The members of Session were chosen at
the beginning of each year, and also a corresponding
number of deacons, the latter having special duties in
connection with the poor. In perusing the minutes of
this period it should be borne in mind that Episcopacy
existed in the Church from 1610 to 1638.)

source-The records of South Leith

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