The History of Leith

December 7, 2012

The Logans of Restalrig

Sir John de Lestalric became one of Bruce’s earliest and staunchest friends
in his struggle against Edward II. His son, another
Sir John, was equally loyal to David II. in the struggle
against Baliol and Edward III., and joined the gallant
Sir Alexander Ramsay of Dalhousie in attacking English
convoys passing to and fro between Leith and Edinburgh
Castle. According to the popular story Sir John,
who fought by Bruce’s side at Bannockburn, was the
last of the male line of the De Lestalrics, and his daughter
and heiress married the Sir Robert Logan who accompanied
the Good Lord James on his expedition to the
Holy Land with the heart of Robert Bruce. For this
service the Logans bear a man’s heart in their coat-ofarms,
both Sir Robert and his brother Sir Walter having
been slain along with their heroic leader, as Barbour tells
us in his noble and inspiring poem. It was, however,
the grandson of this Sir Robert Logan who founded the
family of the Logans of Restalrig. This grandson, another
Sir Robert, married Katharine, the only daughter
of Sir John de Lestalric, who died in 1382, and who,
and not the Sir John mentioned above, was the last of
the male line.

source-The Story of leith

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