The History of Leith

November 28, 2012

under King Edward’s peace

The lands of Holyrood were not the only parts of
Leith to come under King Edward’s peace at this time.
Farther down the roll we find the name of John de Lestalric
and that of his near neighbour, and no doubt
good friend, Geoffrey de Fressinglye, Lord of Duddingston.
A few years later, however, De Lestalric and his
companion-in-arms, De Fressinglye, were to forfeit their
lands of Restalrig and Duddingston for being among the
first to enlist under the banner of Robert the Bruce and
doing their ” bit ” in the long and strenuous fight for
Scotland’s independence. In this struggle they were
either killed or worn out with hardships and toil, for,
like Randolph and the Good Lord James, they both died
comparatively early in life.

source-The Story of Leith

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