The History of Leith

November 14, 2012

Treaty of Edinburgh

By the Treaty of Edinburgh, or the Treaty of Leith
as it is sometimes called, the French were to leave the
country within twenty days, the fortifications of Leith
were to be demolished, and Queen Mary and Francis II.
were to cease using the arms of England. But Queen
Mary in France refused to sign the Treaty of Edinburgh,
an act for which Elizabeth never forgave her. To the
siege of Leith, then, is due in part the lifelong enmity
that Elizabeth cherished toward Queen Mary. In resulting
in the Treaty of Edinburgh the siege of Leith
forms a great central landmark, in the history of our
country. The departure of the French marks the fall
of the Catholic Church in Scotland, and the end of the
ancient Franco-Scottish Alliance. The triumph of the
•• leaders of the Congregation was the triumph of Protestantism,
and the beginning of that union with England
which gave rise to the kingdom of Great Britain, and
has helped to make her the great world Power she is

source-the Story of Leith

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