The History of Leith

November 13, 2012

The Black Swan

The Black Swan of our day is merely an up-to-date
public-house. It lacks all the quaint picturesqueness of
its ancient predecessor that used to speak to us so eloquently
of its old-world past. The Black Swan of days
of yore was the great try sting-place of North Leith.
Close by stood the village well where gossiping dames
and pretty serving-maids would forgather to fill the household
stoups, and exchange pleasantries with the jolly
sailor lad who came with water-barrel for the supply
that was to serve the ship’s crew on the outward voyage. –
How many a yarn of fights at sea with the French privateers
of the old war days, and of the perils of the Greenland
whale-fishing, must have been spun within and
around the old Black Swan !

source-The Story of Leith

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