The History of Leith

November 12, 2012

Ynys Manau / Isle of Man

This moderate-sized island is located in the Irish Sea, midway between southern Scotland and Ulster in Ireland. The Isle of Man (or Ynys Manau to the Post-Roman Britons and later Welsh) was taken by the Irish in the sixth century. Before that, for a short time, it governed the southern Picts of Galwyddel. That region was absorbed into Rheged, but became a dominion of Ynys Manau again from around 632 until circa 900, before being taken into Strathclyde.

The fate for the Isle of Man was different. It was conquered during the ninth century wave of Viking attacks, with local Viking rulers vying for control of the island against stronger forces from Viking Dublin, York and the Orkneys. Once Viking power had faded, Man became a political pawn between England and Scotland. However, it retained its identity, with the last native Manx speaker reputedly dying as recently as 1974. for more click here

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