The History of Leith

November 8, 2012

The white cockade

After the Battle of Prestonpans
the old custom-house in the Tolbooth Wynd was
despoiled of its goods by the Highlanders. These were
immediately turned into money by being sold to the
smugglers from whom they had been captured- Some
thirty of the Leithers donned the white cockade, and,
after assisting the Highlanders to seize all the horses,
corn, and hay in the old stage-coach stables, enlisted
under the Prince’s banner. At this time there were
two stage coaches, with three horses, a driver, and postilion
each, running between Leith and Edinburgh. They
took a whole hour to accomplish the journey, as the
road—the Easter Road—was such that they could only
travel at a walking pace. These were the only regular
stage coaches at this time in Scotland.

source=The Story of leith

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