The History of Leith

November 8, 2012


The estates of Lord Balmerino and Hay of Restalrig
were forfeited after the Rebellion. Those of Lord Balmerino
were bought by his nephew, the Earl of Moray,
in whose family they still remain. Hay’s estate of
Restalrig, on which his mansion has given place to the
present Restalrig House, now St. Mary’s Catholic Home,
became the property of Mr. Ronald Crauford, and
through his granddaughter passed into the possession
of the Bute family, who were always favourites with
George III., and, therefore, strongly opposed to the
Jacobites. Miss Hay, daughter of John Hay of Restalrig,
who had come into possession of that estate by his
marriage with Anne, daughter of James Elphinstone,
one of the Balmerino family, lived to a great age. On
her deathbed in 1814 it was her earnest wish to be buried
beside her beloved father and mother in the family vault
at Restalrig ; but this dying request the Marquis of
Bute refused to grant. Miss Hay, as her great recumbent
tombstone tells us, was therefore interred immediately
outside the vault, to be as near as possible to the
cherished spot where her parents were buried.

source-The story of Leith

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