The History of Leith

October 30, 2012

Temple Lands

In the city the order possessed several flat-roofed
tenements, known as the Temple Lands, and one
archway, numbered as 145, on the south side of the
Grassmarket, led to what was called the Temple
Close, but they have all been removed. It was
a lofty pile, and is mentioned in a charter of
Lord Bynning, dated 1623,^.3 “the fore-and-back
Tempillands, lyand
next ye Gray Friers’
Yard;” and in 1598,
“a temple tenement
lyand near the Gray
Friars’ Yett” was confirmed
to James Kent
(Torphichen Charters).
On these the
iron cross was visible
in 1824.

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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