The History of Leith

October 25, 2012

The ancient cross of the city (Now re-built 1885 by William Gladstone (1809-98))

Close by St. Gild’s church, where radii in the
causeway mark its site, stood the ancient cross
of the city, so barbarously swept away by the
ignorant and tasteless magistracy of 1756. Scott,
and other men of taste, never ceased to deplore its
destruction, and many attempts have been vainly
made to collect the fragments and reconstruct it.
In ” Marmion,” as the poet has it:—
” Dunedin’s cross, a pillared stone,
Rose on a turret octagon;
But now is razed that monument,
Whence royal edicts rang,
And the voice of Scotland’s law went forth,
In glorious trumpet clang.
Oh, be his tomb as lead to lead
Upon its dull destroyer’s head !—•
A minstrel’s malison is said.”

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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