The History of Leith

October 16, 2012

Sir David Annand

When the battle of the Burghmuir was fought in
1335, Abercrombie tells us that the Namurois,
when defeated by the Scots, “made an orderly
retreat to Edinburgh; they faced about several
times, as occasion offered or necessity required,
particularly as they entered St. Mary’s Wynd; and
here a Scots knight, Sir David Annand, a man of
incredible strength and no less courage, having re-
ceived a wound from one of the enemy, was thereby
so much exasperated, that, at once exerting all the
vigour of his unwearied arms, he gave his adversary
such a blow with an axe, that the sharp and ponderous
weapon clave both man and horse, and
falling with irresistible force to the ground, made a
lasting impression upon the very stones of the street.
This story may seem a little too romantic, and I
would not have related it had I not cited a very
good voucher, John de Fordoun, who flourished in
1360, not long after it happened.”

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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