The History of Leith

October 15, 2012


When on his death-bed,George Buchanan finding that all the
money he had about him was insufficient to defray
the expense of his funeral, he ordered his servant
to divide it among the poor, adding ” that if the
city did not choose to bury him they might let him
lie where he was.”
The site of his grave is now unknown, though a
” throchstone ” would seem to have marked it so
lately as 1710. A skull, believed to be that of
Buchanan, is preserved in the Museum of the
University, and is so remarkably thin as to be
transparent; but the evidence in favour of the
tradition, though not conclusive, does not render
its truth improbable. From the Council Records
in 1701, it would seem that Buchanan’s gravestone
had sunk into the earth, and had gradually
been covered up.

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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