The History of Leith

October 15, 2012

Niddry’s Street

Niddry’s Street, which opens eastward of the
South Bridge, occupies the site of Niddry’s Wynd,
an ancient thoroughfare, which bore an important
part in the history of the city; ” It is well known,”
says Wilson, ” that King James VI. was very condescending
in his favours to his loyal citizens of
Edinburgh, making no scruple, when the larder
of Holyrood grew lean, and the privy purse was
exhausted, to give up housekeeping for a time,
and honour one or other of the substantial burghers
of his capital with a visit of himself and household;
or when the straitened mansions within the
closes of old Edinburgh proved insufficient singly
to accommodate the hungry train of’cburtiers, he
would very considerately distribute his favours
through the whole length of the close !”

source-Old and cNew Edinburgh

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