The History of Leith

October 10, 2012

Rev. Charles Hughes

No. 19 Northumberland Street was for some years the
residence of the Right Rev. Charles Hughes
Terrot, D.D., elected in 1857 Primus of the Scottish
Episcopal Church, and whose quaint little
figure, with shovel-hat and knee-breeches, was long
familiar in the streets of Edinburgh. He was bom
at Cuddalore in the East Indies in 1790. For
some reasons, though he had not distinguished
himself in the Cambridge Tripos list of University
honours, his own College (Trinity College) paid
him the highest compliment in their power, by
electing him a Fellow on the first occasion after
he had taken his degree of B.A. in mathematical
honours, and subsequently proceeded to M.A.
and D.D. He did not remain long at college,
as he soon married and went to Scotland, where
he continued all his life attached to the Scottish
Episcopal Church, as successively incumbent of
Haddington, of St. Peter’s, and finally St. Paul’s,
York Place, Edinburgh. In 1841 he was made
bishop of Edinburgh, on the death of Bishop
Walker. He was author of several works on
theology. During the latter years of his life,
from extreme age and infirmity, he had been
entirely laid aside from his pastoral and episcopal
labours; but during the period of his health and
vigour few men were more esteemed in his pastoral
relations as their minister, or by his brethren of
the Episcopal Church for his acuteness and clever
judgment in their discussions in church affairs.

source-Old and New edinburgh

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